Month: March 2017

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Then there are the attractions where the peril itself is part of the pull – a shift from Things to See Earlier than You Die” to Issues to See Before They Disappear”. A kind of apocalypse porn, deathbed wanderlust, or what lecturers much less alarmistly call last chance tourism”. You’ll discover the likes of the Glacier National Park, the Nice Barrier Reef and the Polar areas on these lists, with the irony being that the bucketloads of carbon it takes to travel to those sights is perpetuating the very climate change that is inflicting their demise.

This reminds me of the comment made more than three many years ago by my first boss at Switzerland Tourism, Dr. Werner Kaempfen, a pioneer in what no person at that time called destination advertising but somewhat tourism promotion. He coined the phrase that tourism is in peril of destroying tourism!”.

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