Month: November 2017


MPX: Ini adalah travel Bandung-Bogor dan sebaliknya door-to-door. Saya lum pernah menggunakana travel ini, tapi temen2 saya yang orang Bogor sering menggunakan jasa MPX untuk melayani perjalanan dari Bogor ke Bandung dan sebaliknya. Phone: 0251-8385358 dan 08176051040.

So, we had an extended drive throughout not very attention-grabbing nation to succeed in the yurt camp, where those who chose could take a quick experience on a camel. Those of us who selected not to trip passed the time watching a heroic dung beetle at work… The next morning we visited Lake Aidarkul, which was nice enough, however none of us wanted to swim and there was little shade. We had to stay until lunchtime because the yurt camp was providing food for a picnic. The we had one other long drive earlier than finally arriving at a wonderful B&B in Bukhara.

Was in Germany for six months. Many of the bad … Read More