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On my return to the visitor centre public attention was divided between two points of interest. The first was a Manatee (above proper) in the water and the second an Osprey consuming a fish in a tree. There are loads of that charismatic fish Eagle in Florida and several nests across the Flamingo web site. This chook (pictured below) guzzled the fish to a relentless accompaniment of begging from its mate on a nest overhead, however confirmed no obvious inclination to share the meal. Below one or two opportunistic Snowy Egret waited for falling scraps.

The latter had been merely in all places. Brown Pelican are widespread along all elements of the southern Florida coastline, and more extensively from Nova Scotia to the Amazon and alongside just about the length of the Pacific coast of the Americas. These birds have been typically seen flying in twos or threes or free … Read More

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Bukhara is infamous in Silk Road history as the city the place the Emir Nasrullah (the Butcher”) consigned the British Captains Stoddart and Conolly to a bug pit” dug behind the fortress generally known as the Ark before executing them. The Ark in one form or one other dates to the founding of the town, though first documented within the seventh century. The sixteenth century model suffered badly in a hearth in 1920 throughout a Bolshevik assault, but a fair quantity stays. We started our sightseeing there, though my notes describe the museums housed within the old buildings as boring”. I found the Ismael Samani Mausoleum, with its intricate brickwork, extra attention-grabbing. Nearby, the Kalon Mosque, the second-largest in Central Asia and Bukhara’s Friday mosque, was overshadowed by its impressive minaret. At one hundred twenty feet excessive it even managed to impress Chenggis Khan, who decreed that it needs to … Read More


I do not know why, however hubby bought to demo and all I acquired to do was clean up after him. Several times. Similar to everyday. Anyway….next step was caulking leaks, and replacing the walls we tore out. We discovered sheets of paneling referred to as luan.” Did I mention my husband is a handyman? For real. That’s his job. It helps.

I used to be as soon as informed a couple of small hospital in the western hills where an indignant mob threatened the staff after a dying in childbirth, and the docs and nurses barricaded themselves inside for 5 days ready for the police to come. Finally the Military arrived and dispersed the crowd after convincing them that the local court docket system would maintain it. This served as a part of the premise for my second book, The Sacrament of the Goddess.

In 1889, Key West was … Read More