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This will likely be brief. The site has an extended lagoon mendacity between an inside seaside and an outer sand spit that runs to the north. The short way out to the birding space is by wading by a shallow a part of the lagoon, however I wasn’t dressed for that and so walked the long way round. On the inside beach I shortly started to see the three new shorebirds from a day earlier and also a first Least Sandpiper (above, left) for this trip, the last-named being a chicken I’ve recorded twice previously at residence.

With the potential growth of navigation on the Arkansas River, he noticed the potential for Poteau to be a significant metropolis. He appropriately pointed out to Poteau residents that the Poteau River, with its mouth on the Arkansas River at historic Belle Point in Fort Smith, might be made navigable to the town of Poteau. His imaginative and prescient was to see Poteau turn out to be one in every of many ports within Oklahoma that might reach south to the Mississippi River, then down in to the Gulf of Mexico.

從Humboldt Redwoods State Park往北遇到Eureka,前往加州North Coast紅木國家公園的住宿城鎮,以位於中、南區中點的Eureka和後述北區的Crescent City小鎮規模較大,環境最佳。較大的North Coast區域機場是Eureka的ACV機場或Crescent City的CEC機場,通常在Eureka和Crescent City各安排一晚住宿,就有很足夠時間參觀紅木國家公園。但儘管應該炎熱的夏季,North Coast這一帶氣候仍然相當寒冷,所以需要準備件外套,沿North Coast海岸如Gold Bluffs Beach海灘等可以游泳,但因氣候常水溫寒冷,因此不適合。Eureka小鎮市徽與Seal of California加州州徽相同,加州州徽上有句古希臘文Eureka,英譯是I have found it!我已經找到了。Eureka小鎮許多美麗彩繪色彩繽紛的裝扮著街道,從101轉F St往北是海邊Old City Eureka陳舊老街,F St約在介於101公路交口(forty.8031,-124.1662)往北到海邊1st St交口(40.8050,-124.1669)之間最熱鬧。喝喝當地的咖啡,看看貝殼上的油畫,對森林意猶未盡的人們,買些紅木種子,為大地增加些呼吸的通道。Eureka小鎮知名的建築是Carson Mansion,Victorian維多利亞式分支Queen Anne Style安妮女王式建築,是美國這種形式建築的代表,外觀呈現豐富的裝飾藝術,Carson Mansion現在是私人俱樂部,附近街道可輕易免費停車。Eureka小鎮西側半島上的伐木工廠Samoa Cookhouse餐廳,百多年來供應美食給伐木工和遊客,附設Historic Logging Museum小博物館,旁邊還有個Humboldt Bay Maritime Museum小博物館,從101走R St往西經Old City Eureka過Samoa Bridge到海中半島,在Vance Ave左轉。從Eureka小鎮往北約30分鐘的Trinidad小鎮,其海岸的Trinidad Pier棧橋碼頭相當獨特(41.0567,-124.1474),棧橋旁有塊高聳的巨岩,岩石上許多樹木生長,免費停車參觀。

The insurance adjuster had referred to as me throughout my water taxi journey Thursday to say they’d assigned a surveyor and I would be listening to from them shortly. When that had not happened by late Friday morning, I made a number of calls attempting to track him down. It seems that he had turned down the project, and we spent the remainder of Friday, to no avail, trying to get a brand new surveyor. We have been hoping to be taught whether they would ship a diver to inspect earlier than haulout, or if they may simply meet us at the boatyard. With no reply, we had to proceed with plans without that information.

This is Hong Kong’s most famous Adventure Park comprising of amusement rides, exhibits, enjoyable activities and tourist sights. The youngsters will love Ocean Park so be ready to spend a complete day right here. Ocean Park has been open since 1977 and it has been supporting animal conservation programmes in the area.

Ø Interview your potential journey leaders rigorously. Ask plenty of open ended and probing questions concerning the tools used, the experience level of the guides, the lodging the meals, and what is and is not included. Remember to negotiate every part prematurely, since you’ll have little leverage as soon as the journey trip has begun.