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Hey Everyone! I dreamed to send in what I feelare my best pictures to date that Cherokee took of me. I desired to post these to showcase you all that had awful things to say about my ponytails and teddy wolf. I can have different looks, and I can be who I want to be. Sure, I can be classy, and I can joy, and I can be downright dirty. I am sending these in two sets. The 2nd set, I am having some joy in, and get a little crazy, but I wished to display you, I can have joy and do this too! As for being pro, how do you say that, when Cherokee takes my pictures, and we have no studio? We work to set things up, to make it look good, for joy, and to demonstrate off, what's wrong with that? If you want to see more of what I am about, please visit my site, which IS courtesy of IGOR, who just happens to own the voy-zone. Wish I could have met the team and others in Las Vegas...Oh well, there is always next time!! .................

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